Cherrytree - great open source note taking app

When I first started using open source software I was amazed at the nearly endless possibilities - there was a lot of very useful code that could be used no questions asked! Now being used to this state of affairs (after all I use FLOSS daily for almost 6 years now...) I still sometimes stumble upon a new great application and I am still amazed!

This time it is cherrytree a hierarchical note taking application. The interface is very minimal, which is a plus in my book, but still the idea behind this program is really powerful, yet simple. While creating your notes you can organize them in a tree. So each logical piece will be a branch (which can be a page full of text) and you can create links to different parts of the tree as well as to external resources. Moreover you can use simple formatting for text clarity, insert images as well as code snippets.

I must say - for tree-structured personal documentation this is a great productivity booster. I really regret not finding this program while I was still studying. It would've been very useful then.

I hope this short description might be useful to somebody out there, here are links to the project:

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